Maintenance & Repairs

Tri County maintenanceMaintenance is a very important part of any heating or cooling system’s life expectancy and efficiency. When your equipment is maintained annually it can lead to a longer lifespan, problem-free operation and prevent premature breakdowns.

Most equipment requires a regular cleaning and inspection to keep the warranty valid. It makes sense to have your equipment serviced yearly, as it will save you money in the long run and provide peace of mind. The cleaner the equipment, the more heat it can efficiently deliver to your home or business.

Failure to clean air filters is one of the most common causes of poor operation and energy consumption issues in heating and cooling systems. These systems require a certain volume of air flow to function properly. Clogged air filters may lead to short cycling of the equipment which in turn leads to inadequate heating or cooling and higher power bills.

At Tri County Heating & Cooling we take the time to ensure your equipment is working at peak efficiency and provide a thorough deep-cleaning service.

If your system is in need of repair our experienced, licensed technicians are ready to help. Upon our inspection of the equipment we will report any faulty or worn out parts that require immediate repair to avoid more costly breakdowns in the future.

We service all brands of heating and cooling systems and offer a 24-hour emergency service.

Trust Tri County Heating & Cooling to ensure your equipment is working properly. Contact us today to book your appointment.