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When it comes to home comfort, we all essentially want the same thing. We want to be warm when its cold and we want to be cool when its hot, and we don’t want to spend a fortune making that happen! In Nova Scotia our climate can fluctuate a great deal so we need a heating and cooling system which can adapt and deliver. One of todays most popular and energy efficient choices are heat pumps. At Tri County we offer quality products to provide you with year- round optimal comfort. We make it simple for you.

Where you live, the construction and age of your home, how well insulated it is, and the layout all factor into the equation. At Tri County we follow a simple set of principles. We won’t sell you what you don’t need, and we won’t sell you what won’t work. We take the time to study your requirements and ask questions to understand what comfort means to you. Only then will we recommend a solution.

The same approach holds true for our commercial clients. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution, so we don’t pretend there is. Sure, we will invest a little more time then the other guys but that’s what makes us stand out.

In the end, as with most things in life, experience, professionalism, fairness, and trust is what leads to satisfied customers. We take pride in doing our very best everyday meeting and exceeding our customers expectations. With Tri County Heating & Cooling your comfort matters to us!

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From whole-home systems to individual room solutions trust Tri County to help you keep your cool! Call us for a no obligation consultation on the best option to meet your comfort needs.

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Heating Services

If you are interested in learning more about Heat Pumps, great, we’re ready to answer your questions! Or if you burn oil, lets ensure your system are operating as efficiently as possible.

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Why Your Heat Pump Warranty Matters?

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